Moringa Oil

Slick Drops, 100 ml


39,00 BGN
Moringa Oil

Slick Drops, 100 ml

Tender fluid oil for sealing the ends and absolute finish. 100% essential oil of moringa or the “Indian queen. And ancient plant used for centuries in the Ayurveda practice to make the hair and skin pretty, increase the vitality and wake the unique feminine nature and beauty. We, in Lautus use pure and natural moringa to improve the condition of hair ends and prevent the hair from splitting and tearing. Ultimate assistant in taking care of long hair. Usage: use several drops of oil warming them at first in your palms and after that rubbing carefully in the hair ends. It can be used both on wet and dry hair. When it is spread on wet hair, the ingredients enclose the hair and lock the water and the valuable moringa oil in it leaving it for act in the hair. No washing out.

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Ка Тя

Препоръчвам Lautusclub

Безспорно здравата коса е винаги на мода. Успех!!

Мариана Иванова

Прекрасен продукт

Страшно съм доволна от MORINGA OIL, косата ми никога не е била толкова жива. Любим продукт!


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